Green Dream™ Soil Source Natural Micro-Biological Soil Additive

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  • Green Dream™ Soil Source Micro-Biological Soil Additive
  • A powerful soil ameliorant that helps plants to establish quickly
  • Promotes rapid healing & development of plant roots after repotting
  • Protects against pathogenic root disease ingress after repotting
  • Improves water uptake and helps release nutrients from the soil
  • Dramatically improves pest & disease resistance
  • Mix with soil at repotting time
  • Encourages beneficial microbial activity within all planting media
  • 1kg, 2kg and 6kg pack options

Green Dream™ Soil Source Micro-Biological soil additive for bonsai health and vitality.

Most problems we encounter with bonsai trees stem from improper horticultural practice and by far the largest proportion of those problems relate to the plant's root system and soil (the rhizosphere). Simply re-potting is rarely the answer and more often than not simply adds insult to injury. Creating the perfect rhizosphere is not easy, selecting the right soil mix is only half the battle, there are just so many variables. We have been researching, studying and experimenting with bonsai trees, their soils and nutrients for well in excess of twenty-five years now and every year we discover something new and exciting that opens up a whole host of other possibilities. This whole subject is an infinitely complex branch of science after all. The horticultural requirements of bonsai trees is an intensely complex subject that is littered with some simply appalling old wives tales and incoherent nonsense. Thankfully after all these years, we have begun to see things a little more clearly, the mists are clearing and the trees are now doing a lot better.

Over the last few years, we have been looking at the subject of microbial and fungal activity within soils and working with soil ameliorants. Most bonsai folk are familiar with the subject of fungal activity in soils and the use of mycorrhizal products is pretty much a given these days. Products like Rootgrow have made the addition of beneficial fungal strains to soil clean, easy, convenient and cheap and plants everywhere are benefiting. However there is a lot more going on in soil than just roots and fungus, soil is full of life. It is often said that a handful of soil has more living organisms than there are people on planet Earth. Soils are the stomach of the earth, consuming, digesting, and cycling nutrients and organisms. Unfortunately, within a bonsai pot full of inert or even inorganic planting media this is not the case and plants suffer as a result and whilst they may survive they are often ill-equipped to perform at their best. A dynamic and thriving rhizosphere is not an easy thing to create and needs constant care to maintain once we do get there. Your trees are constantly growing and changing the root zone and we need to regularly adjust the way we water and feed before the time comes to re-pot our bonsai. Repotting bonsai is a critical time for trees, particularly if the work is overdue and the tree may not be as strong as it once was and anything we can do to give a repotted tree a good start has to be worthwhile. 

Green Dream™ Soil Source is an exciting new product that we have developed over the last few years. This is a groundbreaking microbial soil additive product unlike anything else available that is simply added to your chosen soil mix or growing media at repotting time. The product, which on the face of it looks like our Green Dream Original product (small dry crumbs), is packed with beneficial micro-organisms like Trichoderma harzianum which are very well documented as being supremely beneficial to the cultivation of plants and the development of roots in horticulture. In the last two years we added this unique new product to well in excess of four hundred repotted plants at various stages of bonsai development. The results were surprising to say the least. Every plant has thrived, regardless of the growing media or species involved, every plant started growing much earlier than normal and much more strongly and once good growth was underway we noticed a significant improvement in the plants uptake of nutrients from fertilizers with improved growth rate, foliage colour and robust appearance. Over the summer period we also saw a dramatic reduction in problems with pest and disease reducing our use of chemical sprays by over 75%.

Green Dream™Soil Source should be used at repotting time for ALL species of plant in order to protect the disturbed roots from pathogenic root diseases. The product grows rapidly and encompasses the trees roots creating the perfect environment in which delicate young roots can grow and thrive. Green Dream Soil Source encourages beneficial fungal mycorrhizal activity even though it is NOT a mycorrhizal product it will allow those important strains of fungi to develop and grow to the ultimate benefit of the plant. The product also helps release nutrients and chemical compounds bound up in soil releasing them for use by the plant. Green Dream Soil Source can also be added to growing media when taking cuttings and striking seeds where it's activity will benefit your young plants and give them the best possible start.

A unique and significant product that will enable bonsai trees to quickly recover from repotting and maintain health and vigour long term regardless of the growing media used. 


  • Mix with your preferred growing media at repotting timegreen dream natural bonsai fertiliser

  • Use alongside a mycorrhizal product like Rootgrow for maximum benefit from both products

  • Protects repotted trees from pathogenic root diseases

  • Enables rapid healing and development of healthy roots

  • Improves nutrient uptake from natural organic bonsai fertilisers

  • Dramatically improves resistance to pest and disease attack


Supplied in re-sealable packages. Will keep indefinitely if you keep it dry.

Pack sizes available...

6Kg Box with Re-sealable internal bag.

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Mix with your chosen growing medium, soil product at a rate of 5-8g per litre (70-112g per 14L bag). Incorporate fully into the soil mix and then use in the normal way. Water well after application. Once your plant begins to grow and establish resume fertilising in the normal way. This is not a mycorrhizal product but can be incorporated with one, always follow the directions of the product supplier.