Pumice Coarse Size Horticultural Media - Bonsai Succulent Plant Alpine Soil

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  • Coarse Pumice Bonsai Soil Cactus Soil Alpine Soil
  • Unique grade promotes superior rooting
  • 100% frost proof, lasts indefinitely and can be re-used
  • 7-13mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range
  • Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

Pumice Coarse Growing Medium - Bonsai Succulent Plant Alpine Soil

We go to great lengths to bring you this special coarse graded volcanic horticultural pumice. This COARSE GRADE is used extensively in Europe for establishing yamadori. Gives the most spectacular results when used mixed with our Chipped Bark for growing all varieties of Pine Bonsai. Used as a proportion of any soil mix this product will help to increase the strength and vitality of all plants.

100% frost proof, lasts indefinitely and can be re-used over and over. Large particle promotes drainage whilst allowing moisture into the particle for gradual release to plant roots.

By far the best grade of pumice available for use in larger pots.

7-13mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range


Pumice is a naturally occuring product. The colour of this material will vary depending upon the deposits being mined and also the moisture content. Pictures are for illustration and represent what the product typically looks like.

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Using Kaizen Bonsai Pumice & Lapillo
Our Pumice and Lapillo products are horticultural grade materials. Their use is a little different from other similar products you may have encountered, especially pumice where less absorbent hard grade (intended as industrial abrasive) materials are most commonly encountered. In general we would recommend mixing these products with other ingredients with desirable characteristics, for example Bark or Moler. For more information see our Guide to Selecting Bonsai Soils.

7-13mm particle size which means all of the particles will pass through a nominal 13mm screen so some pieces will be oversize in length. 

When you receive your Pumice or Lapillo you will notice the material contains some degree of fines or dust. This is as a result of abrasive action during processing, packaging and transit. Being slightly damp this will bind to the particles. A light shake through a sieve will remove the loose fine particles.  Do not sieve excessively but simply mix and or pot up your plants in the normal way. Once complete water thoroughly, watching the water that drains from the bottom of the pot, once this runs clear you are finished. The finer dust will simply wash away leaving a very high percentage of clean micro-pores that will be colonised by fine feeder roots and mycelium resulting in the perfect natural rhizosphere and will ensure your plants absolutely flourish.

Any dust contained within our crushed aggregate products will settle into the spaces between larger particles and once removed will not significantly effect the volume you purchased.

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