Chipped Pine Bark - Bonsai / Cactus / Orchid Bark

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  • Medium chipped bark from British pine
  • 100% Uk selected sustainable pine bark
  • Hand selected so very little wood
  • Less than 1% dust and fines when packed
  • The perfect medium for Orchids & propagation
  • Add up to 30% for bonsai and cactus growing media
  • 2-7mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range.
  • Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

Chipped Pine Bark - Bonsai Tree / Cactus / Orchid Bark 

Absolutely the best quality horticultural bark available. This bark is 100% British pine bark, hand picked, shredded and graded. This bark is typically fairly dry and so is very easy to sieve further to refine the particle size you require. It is the cleanest, lightest, warmest and most long lived organic growing medium ingredient.

Use straight from the bag and mix up to 30% with any of our other unmixed products to promote warmth, aeration and save weight. Can be re-used several times. In trials over more than twenty years absolutely everything planted in this bark has responded positively to its presence. Has practically no inherent nutriment so should be used alongside a good quality organic fertilizer like Green Dream.

Suitable for all plants including lime hating ericaceous varieties.

Do your bonsai a big favour!

Bark is a natural product. There WILL be some variation in this material from time to time. Our photograph is representative of what we currently have in stock. However, although there is some variation the performance of this bark in cultivating bonsai is outstanding.

2-7mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range.

2-7mm particle size which means all of the particles will pass through a 7mm square (has a 10mm diagonal) sieve mesh so some pieces will be oversize in length. In transport some abrasion will occur producing smaller particles and dust. By volume this bark will be less than 1% dust and fines when packed.

Mix with other straights to produce a custom soil mix.

Provides exceptional results with pines.

Fantastic propagating medium.

Safe for use with orchids.

Sustainable product from managed timber resources in the UK.



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