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Bonsai & Wood Carving Tool - Tungsten Carbide Detail Cutter

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  • The best tool for carving detail into any wood
  • High grade solid silicone carbide 
  • One of the most useful all round carving tools
  • 50mm overall length 3.0mm diameter shaft
  • Suitable for rotary hobby tools and Dremel

THE BEST TOOL FOR CARVING DETAIL IN ANY WOOD. Solid hi-grade tungsten carbide with a 3.0mm diameter shank suitable for rotary hobby tools and Dremel.

One of the most useful all round carving tools to use in your Dremel hobby tool. Not only will it drill holes but it cuts grooves and makes small hollows when sideways pressure is applied. Using a little water for lubrication these twist bits will also drill holes in stoneware pots and rocks for attaching anchor wires.

Very hard and very strong but remember carbide can break if mis-used, always take control of a cutting bit and always use the slowest speed possible to achieve a clean cut.

Carbide tools can be sharpened with diamond faced sharpeners and re-dressed with a green silicone carbide grinding wheel but you will do a LOT of carving before that's necessary.

Example photo - small details can vary from time to time.

50mm overall length. Read Graham's guide to selecting and using carving tools

Read our guide on Important Information on Mounting Cutters in Power Tools