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Bonsai & Wood Carving Gouge Set - 5 Piece Set in Presentation Case

In stock
  • Top quality hand made carving gouges
  • Set of 5 different patterns
  • Hardwood handles with brass ferrules
  • Beautiful bamboo presentation/storage box

Over the years we have seen a lot of hand carving tools. Most have been designed for use in general carving of timber. Whilst those do have some use in bonsai work they have severe limitations for our purposes. NOT this time, this set of six curved gouges have been created specifically for use in the creation of bonsai trees. There is nothing here you won't use.

Many folk have been put off carving after buying a cheap set of 'starter' tools which either don't do what was needed or end up broken. We all know you get what you pay for in life and this set of tools is well worth the price. Hand made, ground and sharpened from forged high carbon Japanese steel with hardwood handles and brass ferrules.

Presented in a very high quality bamboo case with closed cell foam inner (won't hold moisture) and magnetic closure.

A beautiful set of high quality carving gouges that will last a lifetime if cared for and used correctly.

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