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Bonsai Trunk/Branch Splitter - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

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  • Bonsai branch splitter
  • High carbon laminated cutting edges
  • Resilient etched black finish
  • Virtually indestructible, a tool for life!  
  • 195mm Overall length.

Bonsai Trunk/Branch Splitter - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

Branch/Trunk splitter
Very tough and supremely strong without being cumbersome. Use this Bonsai Branch splitter to split along the grain of heavy branches prior to re-positioning with tourniquets. Also great for hand working deadwood. Use to split branch stubs prior to peeling back with Jin Pliers. Can also be used for root pruning beneath a flat nebari.  

Bonsai Tools Cutting Guide.

Black carbon steel small trunk splitters are suitable for splitting live wood up to 18mm. Deadwood up to 12mm.

For sharpening these tools we recommend our Diamond sharpening pen.