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Bonsai Tree Bulb Watering Sprinkler - Squeeze Bulb

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  • Bonsai Tree Bulb Watering Sprinkler - Squeeze Bulb
  • Super soft water shower is released upon gentle squeeze
  • High quality item ideal for watering small trees indoors

Bonsai Tree Bulb Watering Sprinkler - Squeeze Bulb

Here's a great little tool. Load with water, fertilizing solution etc' by inserting the rose into the water and squeezing the soft synthetic rubber bulb. Upon releasing the liquid is drawn into the bulb. This is then released by tipping the rose down and gently squeezing the bulb to dispense a super fine and gentle shower of water. Perfect for watering small bonsai pots on a windowsill. The super fine soft spray is also ideal for watering delicate young seedlings or cuttings.

High quality bonsai watering tool made from synthetic rubber (forest green colour) and chrome plated brass. The spout can simply be pulled out od the bulb for cleaning if required. Stands nicely on it's flattened end.

200mm tall with 85mm diameter bulb.