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Bonsai Tools Diamond Sharpening Steel

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This very high quality diamond steel features a superb ultra rigid tapering blade, curved on one side and flat on the other. We can't think of anything it won't sharpen whether in the bonsai workshop or kitchen.

Bonsai tools are generally constructed of very hard carbon steels. Once they become blunt is can be necessary to cut a small amount of steel away in order to restore the precise angles of the cutting edges. An industrial faced sharpening steel is the best tool for cutting hardened steels. Because bonsai tools have intricate, sometimes curved blades a slim curved tool is often required.

From experience we find diamond sharpening steels work best if the cutting face is lubricated with a little WD40 during use.

Soft grip rubber and  plastic handle.

155mm blade length, 23mm wide at the handle.
240 grit flat curved side. 400 grit flat side.