Bonsai Fine Twig Cutter - Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools

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  • Fine bonsai twig cutter
  • Perfect for tidying up intricate twig structure
  • Polished stainless steel 
  • 180mm Overall length

This type of Bonsai branch cutter should be in the Bonsai Tool Kit of every single Bonsai enthusiast. The straight razor sharp blades cut off to one side to make access into Bonsai very easy. This fine cutting tool has a shallower blade angle than normal branch cutters and being so slim gives exceptional access in tight spaces. Perfect for tidying up intricate twig structure of deciduous trees. Use to make fine intricate cuts, dressing old cuts and pruning of small branch and twig structure.

This tool is made for fine and accurate cutting work. Chopping big lumps of wood will almost inevitable result in the tools failure. In the event of a failure without evident defects we will not replace the tool.

Designed for professional use these beautiful tools will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. 

Bonsai Tools Cutting Guide.

Polished stainless steel Bonsai Fine Branch Cutter suitable for cutting lignified twigs and smaller branches up to 7mm. Heavier cuts should be made in the back part of the tool which is more powerful.

180mm Overall length.