Bonsai Cut Paste - Bonsai Wound Sealant

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  • Non hardening paste suitable for sealing cuts on all woody plants
  • Promotes rapid healing and prevents infection
  • As the cut heals the tree will push the paste away
  • Will not harden even after several years outside in the elements
  • 2 sizes available: 100g pack - 300g pack

Grey wound sealing paste for cuts on bonsai trees. After making a cut push a little paste into the wound and spread out with the firm pressure of your thumb to seal. If dampened slightly with water a very thin secure seal can be achieved. In time the paste will be pushed out as the callous forms beneath. Unlike Japanese cut paste our product does not become unworkable at low temperatures, it will also remain flexible for more than two years exposed to the elements. This cut paste is also excellent for use as a grafting sealer.
Our Cut Paste will keep indefinitely if it remains sealed in the tub and will not harden or dry out.