Bonsai Branch Cutter - Large CURVED Blade - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

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  • Black carbon steel Curved blade Bonsai branch cutter
  • Suitable for cutting lignified twigs and smaller branches up to 8-10mm
  • 200mm Overall length
  • A beautifully finished high quality bonsai tool

A 'MUST HAVE' BONSAI TOOL! This type of Bonsai branch cutter should be in the Bonsai Tool Kit of every single Bonsai enthusiast. The curved razor sharp blades cut off to one side to make access into Bonsai very easy. Leaves a concave scar that will heal flush. This tool bridges the gap between a straight bladed branch cutter and a knob cutter. The jaws and handles are very powerful and resist flexing even under extreme load. Use to make heavy cuts, removing branches and stubs, dressing old cuts and in initial pruning of raw material when creating Bonsai.

Designed for professional use these beautiful tools will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. 

Black carbon steel Bonsai Branch Cutter suitable for cutting lignified twigs and smaller branches up to 8-10mm. Heavier cuts should be made in the back part of the tool which is more powerful.