Biogold Original Organic Bonsai Tree Fertiliser

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  • Bio Gold Original Organic Bonsai Tree Fertiliser
  • The world famous triangular fertiliser pellet
  • Organic clean all natural fertiliser
  • For all bonsai trees and potted plants
  • Typically remains active for 8 weeks
  • Re-sealable package 5Kg/2.4Kg/900g options

Bio Gold Original Organic Bonsai Tree Fertiliser

The original Japanese pelleted fertiliser for bonsai trees potted plants and aqua-scaping. Nice neat, clean and convenient little triangular pellets used as a top dressing fertiliser (can be pushed into the soil too) that releases nutrients slowly, up to 8 weeks in ideal conditions.

Biogold can also be dissolved in water to make a liquid application.

An excellent fertiliser for aquarium gardens and aqua-scaping and many other specialist horticultural disciplines. 

"Although it is an organic fertilizer, it is clean and ideal for home gardens. It has been treated at high temperature. It becomes odorless when sprinkled with water, so you don't have to worry about the odor after fertilization. A natural material that does not burn fertilizer and has very good absorption of plants. You can give it immediately after replanting. As it is an organic fertilizer that brings out the original taste of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, you can fully enjoy the vegetable garden."

Balanced organic fertiliser from fermented chicken manure.

Typical analysis N.3.5, P.3.7, K.3.3 + minerals (volumes not stated)

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