The Mobius loop

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One thought on “The Mobius loop

  1. I hope he loved it! I would have. I’m 64 years and counting. I have a big holly stump I pulled out of my back yard complete with deadwood. It’s in a training pot and I’ll chip away at it. My nephew has caught the bonsai bug, so I’m hoping to leave it to him. I figure I have at least 25 good years (unless I die hang-gliding or something. heh). I’ll never see my trees as beautiful as this. I’ve had a ficus for 22 years which makes it 35 years old and a few other trees I hope to see develop into something with a grand future.

    Thank you for the lesson on how to use raffia bending branches. I’ll have to use this method bending two heavier branches on the fukien tea I just acquired. It needs some serious work.

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