Ebay Auction Clearance Stock

It’s that time of the year again where we have to clear out some odds and ends. We currently have a few auction listings on Ebay, please go and bid on them we are losing a wedge of cash on these which makes me sad 🙁


P1230022 P1230029 P1230033 P1230043 P1230036 P1230045

2 thoughts on “Ebay Auction Clearance Stock

  1. I took delivery of the Crassula, Privet, Myrtle and Hoop Pine.
    All well packaged and in good health.
    All brilliant and very different.
    I might bring one or two to the workshop for advice on training.

  2. Hello!
    I am new to this wonderful world. I am a photographer, and have always loved trees, but the few bonsai which we have bought in the past have always died (I have learned that there is no such thing as an indoor bonsai). I have met a fellow with a lovely collection of trees which finally convinced me that one can keep them alive with proper care. I have read several of the books with good reputations and listened to my friend and my local bonsai dealer, and now have several trees. I am not interested in expensive huge trees, but in converting nursery stock into bonsai. Your web site is truly excellent. The advice is hugely appreciated, and I have ordered several products from your firm, and will continue to do so. Thank you for your service. David Stevenson

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