New Video

Following on from my demo’ last weekend one of the club members there (Ian) has posted a video. I had nothing to do with it and it’s a bit long winded……or is that me who is a bit long winded? Certainly not our usual stripped down production but for those of you who have always asked for more detail here it is 😉


5 thoughts on “New Video

    YOU ARE NEVER BORING, I have learnt so much from you,if people find you boring ,they always have a CHOICE , PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,

  2. Graham excellent learned a lot of in depth detail…..take care! Como NC USA

  3. Hi,g great demo and very concise explanation on what is required to Get a tree into workable condition

  4. By far the most interesting video on bonsai on the whole internet! I could listen to you talk about bonsai for hours. Never stop!

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