New Delivery Just Arrived

I have been very good all summer. I kept my hands in my pockets and didn’t buy any new trees. We really do need to reduce our inventory to some degree and have in fact managed to relocate a lot of stock. I am pleased to say I am now in full relapse and buying again. 7am this morning we took delivery of the first shipment of yamadori, several are on the way.

Once I get this lot sorted out it’ll be hitting the web site. For now you will have to make do with these few snaps.


P1190520 P1190521 P1190523P1190522

9 thoughts on “New Delivery Just Arrived

  1. I’m curious, Watching you reudce the root-ball looked very indiscriminate. I understand that root pruning should focus on removing the larger tap root and larger branch roots, while trying to preserve the young feeder roots. You in essence cut 2/3rds of the root ball with no real discretion. How is this tree? Did it survive?

  2. Is it ok or detrimental to bonsai that r established to take them from the bonsai pot their in and put them in the ground to grow as a normal plant just to naturally grow for afew years ,just to let them stretch their legs ,so to speak,

  3. I want to know the size pot to use for my bonsai which is 18 inches high and a S shape, should it have a drainage hole in the bottom. I would like a black glazed one preferably. It’s very beautiful and the shop where I purchased it did not know the name of it which i am still going to try and find out as I read that is necessary in knowing how to maintain it, is that the case and do you sell them.

    Thank you for your help,


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