Bonsai Styling Demo’

Thought you might like to see the progression of this oak tree.

Collected 3 years ago and arrived here in March (first photo). Did the first styling at a recent demo’. This variety (quercus faginea) develops quickly and grows fast. It’s early days for this tree as bonsai but not a bad start I think.


P1160564 P1170781

3 thoughts on “Bonsai Styling Demo’

  1. I was at this Demo and the wealth of info that was given as Graham positioned the branches and at each stage gave the reasons was most enlightening.Another piece of Graham’s wisdom was that we should always look to emphasis the positive points not just focus on the negative aspects of the material.
    A really worth while evening.

  2. Looks very nice to me as l am a beginner l have access to a few oak trees at the bottom of my fathers land one particular one l have my eye on has a trunk base girth of around 8 inch if l decided to lift it when would be the optimum time to do this

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