Yamadori Prunus Mume - Japanese Apricot (Plum Blossom) Bonsai Tree

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  • Beautiful yamadori prunus mume from Japan
  • A superb mid-sized white flower yamadori prunus
  • Beautiful bark and a good nebari
  • Stunning hard deadwood
  • A great black trunk with good basic branching
  • 22" tall above it's pot. 21" wide overall. 9" diameter nebari.

Treat Mume exactly as any other prunus species (blackthorn). Mume flowers very early in the year long before it's leaves emerge and is one of the first harbingers of spring. As it ages mume develops beautiful black cracked bark. Flowering will be improved if the tree is kept pot bound, therefore only repot infrequently 3-4 year at least.

Imported from Japan winter 2018. We are pleased and lucky to be able to offer this very good quality mid-sized apricot, the best one we have seen for several years. The tree has a fine stout trunk with good movement, black bark, good nebari and incredible deadwood that Graham has done recently. The tree has well placed branches and just needs the ramification building up. Makes a fantastic display of white flowers around the end of February or early March. Yamadori Mume are a rare and valuable tree in bonsai circles and this is a good one !

22" tall above it's bonsai pot. 21" wide overall. 9" diameter nebari.

Planted in an unglazed bonsai pot.

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