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Yamadori Hawthorn Native Flowering Bonsai Material

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  • A nice big very well established yamadori hawthorn
  • Superb big gnarly trunk and bark quality
  • Unusually good primary branching
  • Some way to go but growing VERY strongly
  • Much sought after, we won't have this for long

Yamadori Hawthorn Native Flowering Bonsai Material

Crataegus monogyna.
With small leaves, craggy bark, fine twigging, flowers, fruit and the possibility of some autumn colour, in warm years, English hawthorn is a spectacular species for bonsai and one of the finest deciduous trees for Bonsai cultivation in the world. Hawthorn is fully frost hardy and extremely tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Prefers to be kept well watered and in full sun in summer and cold and exposed in winter. Feed very well in the growing season and prune new shoots before they begin to harden off. Do not re-pot hawthorn very often, we recommend every 3-6 years depending upon the size of pot and rate of growth.

A superb yamadori hawthorn with great potential and is growing very strongly. Collected by Kevin Willson and now on our nursery for five years. Previously bare rooted and growing incredibly strongly. Absolutely covered in flowers every spring. Some basic styling was done along with cleaning up the natural shari and deadwood. A stunning big hawthorn with all the hard work completed. The most popular British variety and incredibly hard to fine at this level of quality.

Planted in a mica bonsai pot.

31" tall above it's bonsai pot. 37" wide overall. 12" diameter root flare.

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