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White Shade and Shelter Netting - Bonsai Accessories

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  • Duranet tape thread netting in white
  • White colour afffords protection from hot sun whilst maintaining high light levels
  • UV stabilised so will not degrade or decay
  • Ideal material for creating overhead shade for delicate species like Japanese maples
  • 1.8 Meters wide, sold by the meter off the roll

White shade net is an amazing product that protects plants against scorching from hot sun whilst still maintaining a high light level suitable for strong growth. The white colour reflects heat whilst keeping light levels high and softening the light. In the UK with our weak sun this is vitally important to maintaining healthy bonsai trees. Shade net is also very effective at cutting out high winds thus protecting delicate foliage. In winter it will give a degree of frost protection. U.V stabilised material that will give sterling service for many years. Woven hemmed edge along one side with integral fixing holes. Fix in place using timber battens and staples.

1.8 meters wide.

Price per meter off the roll £4.25