V-Kerf™ Power Carving Tools For Bonsai And Wood Carving - Small Shaft

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  • Solid carbide carving V burrs suitable for sculpting shaping and grooving
  • Cuts most material from soft green wood to the hardest timber and even soft metals
  • Smooth controllable cutting action without grabbing
  • Leaves a beautiful clean surface with almost no need for additional finishing
  • Range of head sizes cut widths and shaft diameters

V-Kerf™ Power Carving Tools For Bonsai And Wood Carving - Small Shaft

Wether you are carving bonsai trees or any form of wood with power tools you are going to need a range of cutters. Any carving project has a large number of facets and sadly it's not possible for one cutting tool to do it all.

Our new solid carbide V-Kerf™ burrs have proven to be a supremely useful tool for external shaping, sculpting, surface texturing and grooving and will cut pretty much anything. Having a fine helical cut tooth design means V-Kerf burrs are very easy to use with absolutely no grabbing or kick back and a nice controllable cutting action that leaves a supremely smooth fluff free finish.

V-Kerf burrs cut nicely either with the grain or across it. We recommend a fairly slow running speed 8-14,000 RPM being ideal, higher speeds cause the tools to get hot which in turn causes clogging. Used at these fairly low speeds the burrs will cut most materials from soft sappy green wood to old seasoned hardwood and even metals like cast iron, brass, copper and aluminium without clogging.

If you are looking for an easy to use cutter for sculpting, shaping and texturing without risk of losing a finger then V-Kerf carving burrs are exactly what you need.

V-Kerf burrs are available in small shaft (3mm) to fit Dremel type hobby tools. Because of the tools nice smooth cut rate they are ideal for running in flexible shaft machines like Foredom. The tools are also available in two head diameters 12 x 2mm and 16 x 2mm


This listing is for small shaft (3mm) that will fit all commonly available European market rotary hobby tools like Dremel and GMC.

Please select the size you would like to order from the drop down list.

V1202 12mm diameter 2mm cut width

V1602 16mm diameter 2mm cut width

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