UV Stabilized Bubble Wrap Insulation

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UV stabilized bubble wrap is the perfect solution for insulating greenhouses used for overwintering bonsai and tender plants.

Standard bubble wrap will be broken down to crumbly flakes by sunlight in just a few months. Our UV Stabilized Bubble Wrap will resist decomposition from UV for many years and so is a very good long term investment. Standard bubble wrap would need to be replaced 4-6 times over the life of this high quality film. Unlike parcel type bubble wrap this material consists of two thick outer leaves with the bubbles sandwiched in between. This increases it's insulation capacity and makes the material easy to clean. Large bubbles provide excellent insulation for the winter quarters of your bonsai. Helps to maintain a constant temperature and when installed carefully will save a massive amount on your energy bills for winter care.

For more information on using this product and overwintering bonsai see Graham's article A Guide to Overwintering Bonsai

1.5 meters wide across the roll

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