Turnbuckle Kit - Bonsai Branch Bending

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  • Turnbuckle Kit - Bonsai Branch Bending
  • Powerful bending technique for moving large branches
  • Unobtrusive but irresistible
  • Allows gradual pressure to be built over an extended period
  • Three sizes available & multi-item options
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Use these rustproof galvanised steel hook and eye turnbuckles to apply gradual but irresistible force to pull large Bonsai branches and trunks into position. 

Fix each end using wire and cushioning then simply tighten the turnbuckle to gradually increase force.

Click here to see how to use this item.

If you need to pull a longer distance simply hook two together in line.

Always apply a light smear of oil to the threads before tightening.

We have seen these items in DIY stores at nearly £5 EACH!

Small M6 136mm fully closed 200mm fully extended.

Medium M8 164mm fully closed 250mm fully extended.

Large M10 200mm fully closed 300mm fully extended.


Options available from the drop down list above....

1x each size M6 - M8 - M10

5x each of one size M6

5x each one size M8

5x each one size M10