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Traditional Style Copper Watering Can - 1 Litre/2 Pint

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  • Traditional Style Copper Watering Can 1L/2 Pint
  • Beautiful British hand made quality craftsmanship
  • Overall length 350mm, overall height 160mm
  • Fantastic low price for such a beautiful product.

Traditional Style Copper Watering Can 1Lt

A traditional style watering can handmade in England from solid pure copper with fully soldered joints throughout. Removable brass rose. An expensive luxury or a must have accoutre-mon. These absolutely beautiful watering cans make wonderful gifts for bonsai aficionados and horticulturists alike. A stunningly beautiful piece of British craftsmanship worthy of a display cabinet.

Perfect for house plants, orchids and cactus growers where accurate watering is important.

Attractively gift boxed.
Capacity Approximately 1 litre / 2 Pint
Supplied with one fine Rose.
Japanese made cans of this quality retail for almost double the price!