Tm5 Anti-Transpirant

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Prevents foliage from drying out following root disturbance.
Reduces moisture loss from foliage of cuttings.
Assists in the establishment of collected plants.
Spray foliage of all plants after re-potting.
Apply following stress caused by drying out and wilting.
Spray all cuttings and grafts before inserting into rooting medium.
Ready to use product.
Simply spray onto foliage from above and beneath.
500ml ready to use trigger spray bottle.


Whether you are collecting ancient trees from the mountains, repotting your treasured bonsai or taking cuttings this brilliant new product should be at your side. Having suffered root disturbance any plant with foliage will suffer extensive dehydration whilst its root system recovers. Practically all evaporation occurs from the plants leaves and will eventually lead to the plants demise. Whilst misting with water will help, most of us are not available often enough throughout the day to give the plant exactly what it needs and, too frequent misting can result in waterlogged soil and depleted nutrient levels within the foliage. Tm5 is an outstanding new product that is simply sprayed over the plants foliage and allowed to dry overnight. One application will virtually stop water loss and prevent dehydration whilst the plants roots develop. Tm5 allows the foliage to continue photosynthesizing thus producing valuable carbohydrates needed for new root growth. Entirely safe to use on all plants, and entirely harmless long term, no odor and colorless but amazingly effective. Can also be used where trees have to be transported in adverse conditions like hot enclosed vehicles or draughty situations. Very effective at preventing moisture loss from evergreen foliage during windy freezing conditions over winter. This little bottle could be the difference between life and death of some very valuable trees, don't take the risk, use Tm5!

500ml ready to use solution in trigger spray bottle.