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Tamarix Yamadori Flowering Bonsai Tree Material

In stock
  • An outstanding big trunk yamadori tamarix
  • Beautiful craggy bark
  • Rough carving completed last summer
  • Well established and growing like wildfire
  • 22" tall above it's pot. 24" wide overall. 11" diameter nebari
  • Planted in a plastic bonsai pot

Tamarix Flowering Bonsai Tree Material
The genus Tamarix (tamarisk, salt cedar) is composed of about 50-60 species of flowering plants in the family Tamaricaceae, native to drier areas of Eurasia and Africa. This is Tamarix ramosissima 'Pink Cascade' which has beautiful feathery green/grey foliage and tiny power pink flowers early in the growing season.

Tamarix are synonymous with costal areas exposed to onshore winds and salt spray. Tamarix is very tolerant of salt conditions but will also thrive in alkaline conditions too. When cultivating tamarix be aware that the plant needs full exposure to the elements and should be placed in direct sun in a windy position. When in growth tamarix appreciate regular heavy watering but only sparing application of fertilizers.

The tree will withstand frost in winter but should be kept just a little on the dry side as this will improve it's tolerance of cold. Tamarix do very well in our No1 Bonsai soil mix. Re-pot infrequently, slightly pot bound trees have better flowering performance.

Tamarix has a very strong upright habit. It is generally accepted that in order to make pleasing bonsai trees it is necessary to wire new shoots downwards. This can be done easily by loosely applying wire to the current seasons growth just before it begins to lignify and gently bending it over to face downwards. In time a very pleasing weeping style of branch structure can be achieved. Do not be overly keen to prune tamarix, allowing the tree a chance to have a good run each year will dramatically improve it's health and vigor.

A spectacular yamadori tamarix from Spain, well established and growing like wild fire. Beautiful craggy bark. Some rough carving work was carried out last summer. With a little skill and patience this will make an outstanding bonsai tree.

Development of the deadwood areas and branching of this tree is going to be good fun and very rewarding.

22" tall above it's pot. 24" wide overall. 11" diameter nebari.

Planted in a plastic bonsai pot.

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