Spindle Tree Native Bonsai Tree

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  • Native spindle tree from a private collection
  • Excellent trunk and primary branch structure
  • 20" high from the to of it's bonsai pot. 16" wide overall
  • Planted in a nice unglazed bonsai pot.
  • A great native subject for bonsai.

Spindle Tree Native Bonsai Tree

Euonymus europaeus. European spindle, Burning Bush or common spindle. Often referred to as the spindle tree because it’s super hard wood was once used to make wool spindles. Also commonly referred too as the burning bush because of it’s spectacular red autumn colour. A British native and entirely winter hardy it’s hard to think of an easier and less demanding plant to keep as bonsai. Keep in full sun and do not allow to dry out in summer. Re-pot every 2-3 years in spring using our No2 Bonsai soil mix. Much valued in Bonsai the euonymus has delicate white flowers in spring. These are followed by attractive seed pods that split in autumn to reveal gorgeous red seeds. Also autumn foliage colour can be a spectacular mix of red, yellow, brown and green. A great subject for bonsai.

From a private collection. A nice little spindle with a good nebari and a great trunk. All the basics are here, just needs some work to develop it's ramification.

20" high from the to of it's bonsai pot. 16" wide overall. 6" diameter nebari.

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