Small Diamond Sharpener

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  • Diamond sharpening pocket stone
  • Perfect for sharpening straight bladed tools
  • Use for bonsai shears & grafting knives
  • 25mm x 75mm overall size
  • 320 Grit for edge dressing and finishing

Small Diamond Sharpener

Sintered metal-bonded diamond blades are one of the best products for sharpening most types of edged tools. The superior hardness of the diamond coating will sharpen the hardest materials right up to silicone carbide. Diamond 'stones' can be used either dry or lubricated with a little water or light oil like WD40. Initially the cut is very aggressive but once the blade has been used a few times the cutting action settles in to a very fine and efficient cutting action. 

This solid steel diamond sharpener presents a dimensionally stable flat surface ideal for sharpening straight blades like those found on bonsai scissors and grafting knives.

The face also includes a V groove ideal for sharpening pointed tools. Convenient for keeping in your tool roll, tool box or pocket.

25mm x 75mm overall size.

320 Grit for edge dressing and finishing.