Small Bonsai Watering Can And Brass Mister Gift Package

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  • Small bonsai watering can & Spritzer gift pack
  • 1 Pint capacity can with a small 'fine rain' brass face rose
  • 1/2 Pint capacity solid brass British made mister
  • Paired together in an attractive gift box.

A beautiful little long reach watering can perfect for indoor bonsai and house plants.

The long spout enables you to reach the plants soil, reaching beneath foliage and branches to apply water accurately right into the pot.

Made in the Britain from heavy hard impact resistant plastic and finished beautifully in a deep green colour

This lovely little can has a luxurious quality feel unlike thin blow moulded plastic cans.

Push fit brass faced rose.

This attractive can is paired with a beautiful British made solid brass half pint mister or spritzer. This pump action mister is ideal for use with houseplants and bonsai of all types that benefit from an occasional spray. A nice elegant and traditional high quality sprayer.

Both items are supplied in a gift box exactly as pictured.