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Specialist Bonsai Hand Tools

Creating, and maintaining bonsai is a quite unique hobby. Caring for Bonsai trees often requires a few very unusual and unique tools not available elsewhere. Here we offer many of those special tools. All of these items are tried and tested on our working nursery where they are in use every day. These tools come from specialist manufacturers and you can be confident in the quality and performance of every single item.

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  1. Set of Three Green Plastic Bonsai Soil Scoops

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  2. Combination Spatula / Angled Tweezer Bonsai Tool - Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools

    • Combination angled tip tweezer / spatula
    • Polished stainless steel construction
    • Spatula for moss & weeding work
    • 210mm Overall length
    • One of our best selling tools
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  3. Wooden Handle Bonsai Root Hook - Heavy Duty

    • Bonsai re-potting root hook
    • Hardwood handle
    • A top quality Bonsai tool
    • 225mm Overall length
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  4. Bonsai Repotting Fork & Spatula

    • This long handled heavy duty rake is a great re-potting tool
    • 260mm overall length
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  5. Bonsai Tools Diamond Sharpening Steel

    This very high quality diamond steel features a superb ultra rigid tapering blade, curved on one side and flat on the other. We can't think of anything it won't sharpen whether in the bonsai workshop or kitchen. Learn More
  6. Stainless Steel Japanese Hori-Hori - Japanese Garden Tools

    • Japanese gardening design Hori-Hori
    • Polished stainless steel with lacquered hardwood handle
    • 305mm Overall length
    • 175mm blade length
    • Includes nice vinyl belt holster
    • A beautiful quality tool and a great gift item for any gardener.
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  7. Bonsai Repotting Fork Weeder

    • Chrome plated carbon steel with a nice lacquered hardwood handle
    • 192mm overall length
    • 74mm blade length.
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  8. 6 Piece Bonsai & Wood Carving Gouges Set

    • Hardened steel wood carving gouges for bonsai work
    • 165mm overall length.
    • Includes 4x spoon gouges, 1x V gouge and 1x draw gouge.
    • Supplied packed into one of our canvas tool rolls (colour may vary).
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  9. Long Handle Brush Set Bonsai Tools

    • 12 Piece artist brush set
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  10. Bonsai & Wood Carving Detail Pick Set

    • Excellent quality stainless steel pick set
    • supplied with a storage pouch
    • 145 to 160mm average length
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  11. Japanese Bonsai Repotting & Root Pruning Sickle

    • Bonsai re-potting sickle
    • Use to release trees from bonsai pots with in-turned rim
    • 260mm overall length. Carbon steel 85mm blade
    • Kikuwa brand, made in Japan
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  12. Bonsai Nylon Bark Cleaning Brush

    • Nylon bristle brush for bonsai trees
    • Perfect for cleaning algae and moss from bonsai
    • 90mm brush length
    • 230mm overall length
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  13. Folding Diamond Sharpener
    • A nice neat little tool for sharpening bonsai tools of all types
    • Fold back the two part blue cover to reveal a double sided diamond blade 20mm wide and 100mm long
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  14. Bonsai Pruning Scissors - Vine Scissors - Spring Loaded Bonsai Shears

    • Sprung loaded stainless steel detail pruning shears
    • 210mm overall length, 60mm blade length
    • Perfect weight spring makes extended use very easy
    • Perfect for a whole host of pruning jobs and craft work
    • The ideal all round bonsai pruning shears.
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  15. Bonsai & Wood Carving Gouge Set - 5 Piece Set in Presentation Case

    • Top quality hand made carving gouges
    • Set of 5 different patterns
    • Hardwood handles with brass ferrules
    • Beautiful bamboo presentation/storage box
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  16. Bonsai Bamboo Repotting Chopsticks - 10 Pack

    • Ideal for working soil out of or into fibourous roots of Bonsai Trees
    • A very handy for lots of workshop tasks
    • 5 pairs of bamboo chopsticks
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  17. 11 Piece Wood Carving Set Detail Carving - High Quality

    • USA made detail wood carving kit
    • Includes NINE interchangeable blades
    • Two spoon shaped blades (right handed)
    • Walnut & brass handle
    • Perfect for detailed work in bonsai creation
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  18. Turnbuckle Kit - Bonsai Branch Bending
    • Powerful bending technique for moving large branches
    • Unobtrusive but irresistible
    • Allows gradual pressure to be built over an extended period
    • Three sizes available & multi item options
    • Click here to see how to use this item.
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  19. Bonsai Soil Scoops - Nest of 3 Stainless Steel - Mesh Back

    • Traditional pattern Japanese made
    • Stainless steel mesh back to all three scoops
    • Stainless steel soil scoops in a nest of three sizes
    • Mirror polished stainless steel
    • Includes 1 each of 170mm x 50, 65 & 80mm Diameter
    • See also our Solid Back Soil Scoops
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  20. Bonsai Steel Wire Brush

    • Strong all metal construction steel bristle brush
    • Offered at a very competitive price!
    • 90mm brush length
    • 230mm overall length
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  21. High Quality Brass Brush

    • Very high quality beautifully finished brush
    • Made in the USA
    • Hardwood handle with densely packed brass wire bristles
    • Perfect for a wide range of cleaning jobs
    • Great for removing sphagnum moss from bark
    • Cleans abrasive tools without dulling cutting ability
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  22. Branch Bending Clamp / Bonsai Jack - Extra Large

    • Bonsai tree branch bending jack Extra Large
    • Powerful screw jack for bending bonsai branches and trunks
    • 180mm Width of main bending bar - 140mm maximum depth
    • Zinc plated steel construction
    • High quality made in Japan.
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  23. Self Igniting Gas Torch

    Super slim adjustable flame gas torch runs for up to two hours on one refill of standard gas lighter fuel. Learn More
  24. Disposable Brush Pack - Bonsai Tools

    • 5x pack
    • 145mm overall length
    • Approx' 14mm bristle width
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  25. Bonsai Soil Scoops - Nest of 3 Stainless Steel - Plain Back

    • Traditional pattern Japanese made
    • Stainless steel soil scoops in a nest of three sizes
    • Mirror polished stainless steel
    • 170mm x 50, 65 & 80mm Diameter
    • See also our Mesh Back Soil Scoops
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  26. Scalpel and 25 Blades Bonsai Tool

    • A great quality hard plastic handle
    • Knurled brass blade grip
    • Complete with 25 replacement blades
    • Safe blade disposal box
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  27. Bonsai Basics Re-Potting Root Hook

    • Bonsai Basics Re-Potting Root Hook
    • Heavy wire root hook with red vinyl handle
    • 215mm overall length
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  28. Heavy Duty Three Tine Bonsai Re-potting Rake

    • Three tine through tang bonsai re-potting rake
    • Great for collecting trips as well as repotting larger trees
    • Immensely strong carbon steel and hardwood handle
    • 220mm overall length
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  29. Bonsai Tool Cleaning Block

    • Flexible rubber abrasive block
    • Removes sap and rust leaving tools clean ready to use
    • 40x50x20mm overall size
    • 120 grit fine abrasive
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  30. Bonsai Bark Stripper & Wood Carving Hook Knife

    • Remove bark faster than power tools
    • Cuts all woods with ease
    • Razor sharp hardened stainless steel blade
    • Solid oiled beechwood handle
    • Full length tang
    • Hand made in Sweden by Morakniv
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  31. Coir Coco Moss Brush Bonsai Tool

    • Traditional coir moss brush
    • Hand made in Japan
    • High quality brush bound with copper wire
    • 150mm overall length.
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  32. Combination Rake / Spatula - Stainless Steel Bonsai Tool

    • Brush finished heavy stainless steel
    • Great for repotting and mossing work
    • 256mm overall length
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  33. Combination Rake / Tweezer Bonsai Tool - Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools

    • Combination rake / tweezer bonsai tool
    • Polished stainless steel
    • Perfect for re-potting and maintenance work
    • 224mm Overall length
    • One of our best selling tools
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  34. Bonsai Steel Deadwood Cleaning Brush

    • Round brush for cleaning in deep hollows
    • Easily removes rotten and oxidized wood
    • 190mm overall
    • 22mm head diameter
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  35. Bonsai Bark Cleaning Brush - Brass Wire Brush - Bonsai Tool

    • Brass bristles set into a plastic handle
    • Overall length 150mm
    • 55mm length of bristle area
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  36. Bonsai Soil Scoop Set - Set of Three Plastic Soil Scoops

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  37. Stainless Steel Bonsai Tweezers - Straight Bud Tweezers

    • Combination spatula / tweezer
    • Straight tip bud tweezer
    • Nice polished stainless steel construction
    • 210mm Overall length
    • One of our best selling tools
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  38. Steel Chopstick & Weeder Bonsai Tool

    • Steel chopstick & weeder
    • A really useful little tool
    • 180mm overall length
    • Carbon steel with a knurled grip
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  39. Small Bonsai Tree Repotting Rake

    • High quality Japanese three tine bonsai rake
    • 172mm overall length
    • Perfect for re-potting smaller bonsai trees
    • Colours may vary from the one pictured.
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  40. Large Bonsai Coir Moss Broom

    Made from hemp palm a traditional Bonsai broom. Hand made in Japan. Top quality materials used. Bound with copper wire. Use for keeping moss covering clear of debris. Learn More
  41. Japanese Secateurs Bonsai & Garden Pruning Tools

    • Japanese pruning secateurs
    • Black finish carbon steel
    • 200mm Overall length
    • Powerful cutting action
    • Super hard blade remains sharp even after extensive use
    • Kikuwa Brand, made in Japan
    • We think these are vastly superior to Felco types based on 10 years experience using both on our nursery
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  42. Wire Brush Set - Pair of wire brushes - Bonsai Tools

    • Crimped hardened wire bristles
    • 240mm overall length
    • 140mm excluding the handle
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  43. Bonsai Care - Cleaning Brush Kit

    Kit includes...

    • 1 x stiff nylon bristle brush perfect for cleaning branches and for removing lichen
    • 1 x soft brass bristle brush perfect for cleaning bark & removing moss
    • 1 x stiff stainless steel bristle brush for cleaning deadwood
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  44. NEW Special Lime Sulphur Brush - Bonsai Tools

    • A high quality brush that's impervious to the caustic attack of lime sulphur and deadwood preservers
    • Pointed tip brush approximately 5mm diameter
    • Extensively tested in our workshop this brush lasts and lasts
    • Keeps it's shape when wet and fully loaded.
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  45. Bonsai Tweezers - Straight Tip Tweezer

    • Bonsai Tweezers - Straight Tip Tweezer
    • High quality sprung steel needle point tip tweezers. Perfect for cleaning out fine foliage like juniper and pines. Needle point tip.
    • Overall length 115mm
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  46. Diamond Sharpening Pen For Bonsai Tools

    • Use to sharpen the intricate edges of Bonsai tools
    • Perfect for getting into the narrow jaws of bonsai tools
    • Sharpes curved edges with ease
    • Fine abrasive grade will not remove excess metal
    • Easily cuts hardened steel
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