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Knives & Saws for Bonsai

Bonsai trees are kept small by pruning. Sometimes that pruning requires more than a simple pair of shears. Here we present a selection of knives and saws we have used on our nursery for over 20 years. Whether you are grafting, collecting from the wild or preparing wood for carving work there's going to be a tool here you need. These tools all have unique and special characteristics that make them useful in the creation and maintenance of bonsai. These tools are amongst the best quality of their kind and all come from well respected manufacturers.

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  1. Condor Falco Neck Knife - High Carbon Steel

    • As it's name implies a neck knife is a small knife that you can hang around your neck
    • High carbon steel knife locks securely into it's sheath
    • Always have a knife to hand when you are busy
    • 1.5" (37MM) cutting edge length
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  2. 11 Piece Wood Carving Set Detail Carving - High Quality

    • USA made detail wood carving kit
    • Includes NINE interchangeable blades
    • Two spoon shaped blades (right handed)
    • Walnut & brass handle
    • Perfect for detailed work in bonsai creation
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  3. Fine Tooth Folding Bonsai Saw

    • A super slim tri-grind folding saw
    • Hardwood handle
    • 194mm blade length
    • Blade locks when open
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  4. Bonsai & Wood Carving Gouge Loop Knife

    • Bonsai & wood carving loop knife
    • Excellent quality little loop knife
    • Perfect for bonsai work
    • 195mm overall length
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  5. Japanese Bonsai Repotting & Root Pruning Sickle

    • Bonsai re-potting sickle
    • Use to release trees from bonsai pots with in-turned rim
    • 260mm overall length. Carbon steel 85mm blade
    • Kikuwa brand, made in Japan
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  6. 6 Piece Bonsai & Wood Carving Gouges Set

    • Hardened steel wood carving gouges for bonsai work
    • 165mm overall length.
    • Includes 4x spoon gouges, 1x V gouge and 1x draw gouge.
    • Supplied packed into one of our canvas tool rolls (colour may vary).
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  7. Folding Japanese Grafting Knife

    • Japanese made folding grafting knife
    • Kikuwa brand, made in Japan.
    • 235mm Overall length.
    • 140mm when folded.
    • 100mm blade length.
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  8. Traditional Folding Pruning Knife

    • Stout folding pruning knife
    • Traditional pattern knife used by all nurserymen
    • Polished carbon steel blade
    • Strong riveted construction
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  9. Bonsai Root Pruning Sickle - Bonsai Tools

    • Japanese made bonsai re-potting sickle
    • Use to release trees from pots & prune roots easily and fast
    • Blade cuts on the inside so use with a pulling action
    • Great for weeding. Razor sharp
    • Hardwood handle
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  10. Serious Pruning Saw - Pull Action - Bonsai Pruning Saw

    • Soft rubber comfort grip
    • Hard plastic sheath/belt holster
    • Overall length 425mm
    • Blade length 270mm
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  11. Bonsai & Wood Carving Knife

    • Handle features a superb quality soft polypropylene grip
    • Blade forged from high carbon steel hardened to HRC59-60
    • Includes a hard plastic belt sheath
    • 220mm overall length
    • 104mm blade length
    • Kaki green handle details
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  12. Bonsai Re-potting Knife Sickle & Wood Carving Knife

    • Top quality knife hand made in Sweden
    • Fantastic tool for releasing Bonsai from pots
    • An exceptional wood carving knife
    • Blade is made of high carbon steel hardened to HRC 59-60
    • 195mm overall length.
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  13. Japanese Bonsai Grafting Knife

    • A beautiful traditional pattern Japanese grafting knife
    • San mai (laminated) construction carbon steel blade
    • 205mm Overall length, 24mm wide blade
    • Manufactured in Japan by Kikuwa
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  14. Scalpel and 25 Blades Bonsai Tool

    • A great quality hard plastic handle
    • Knurled brass blade grip
    • Complete with 25 replacement blades
    • Safe blade disposal box
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  15. Bonsai Tool Cleaning Block

    • Flexible rubber abrasive block
    • Removes sap and rust leaving tools clean ready to use
    • 40x50x20mm overall size
    • 120 grit fine abrasive
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  16. Bonsai Bark Stripper & Wood Carving Hook Knife

    • Remove bark faster than power tools
    • Cuts all woods with ease
    • Razor sharp hardened stainless steel blade
    • Solid oiled beechwood handle
    • Full length tang
    • Hand made in Sweden by Morakniv
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  17. Bonsai & Wood Carving Eldris Neck Knife by Mora of Sweden

    • Morakniv® Eldris Pocket sized fixed blade knife
    • Handle features a superb quality soft polypropylene grip
    • Blade forged from hardened stainless steel
    • Includes a hard plastic neck sheath
    • Supplied in a very nice presentation carton
    • COLOUR MAY VARY FROM THAT SHOWN (currently maroon red)
    • Not for sale to anyone under 18 years of age.
    • We may ask for proof of identification prior to despatch. 
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