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Bonsai Watering

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  1. Japanese Watering Lance

    • Fits any standard 1/2" diameter garden hose.
    • Beautiful super fine water output.
    • 370mm overall length.
    • Super fine spray.
    • Made in Japan.
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  2. Bonsai Tree Bulb Watering Sprinkler - Squeeze Bulb

    • Bonsai Tree Bulb Watering Sprinkler - Squeeze Bulb
    • Super soft water shower is released upon gentle squeeze
    • High quality item ideal for watering small trees indoors
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  3. Professional Watering Lance and Spares

    Starting at: £1.00

    • Professional soft rain watering lance
    • All metal construction
    • Heavy duty hose connector
    • The best watering lance available
    • Spares always in stock
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  4. Bonsai Tree Misting Sprayer

    • Pump action mist sprayer for houseplants and bonsai
    • Simply fill with water or nutrient solution and pump the plunger to produce a beautiful fine mist
    • Attractive frosted glass bowl
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  5. Small Bonsai Watering Can

    • Long reach plastic watering can
    • 550mm overall length, 2.25L capacity
    • Easy clean detachable brass rose
    • Available in British Racing Green
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  6. Bonsai Drip Watering Kit

    Designed for watering plants in containers by way of a slow continuous drip nozzle.
    This kit is quick and easy to set up and will take just a short time to adjust for ideal watering without waste. Perfect for use when you are away from your plants for an extended period. Learn More
  7. Bonsai Mist Sprayer

    • Perfect for misting bonsai & orchids
    • applying foliar feeds,
    • pesticides and fungicides
    • Keep solutions mixed and ready to go.
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  8. Garden Hose - Bonsai Watering -Special Discount Price Water Hose

    • Reinforced PVC 1/2" heavy duty garden hose
    • 1/2" Bore. 30 Meter length
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  9. Houseplant And Bonsai Misting Syringe

    • An ingenious little device that allows you to re-use old beverage bottles
    • Fits to standard 500ml > 3 litre pop bottles.
    • Solid brass pump
    • Made in Japan, very high quality
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    • Solid brass coupling to fit standard 1/2 inch garden hose
    • Super heavy duty system for joining hoses together
    • Use to connect our professional watering lances to standard 1/2" water hose
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  11. capillary matting

    High performance 250gsm capillary matting. Use for bench tops in poly tunnels and glass houses to raise humidity considerably. Learn More

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