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Bonsai Repotting Supplies

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  1. Combination Rake / Tweezer Bonsai Tool - Stainless Steel Bonsai Tools

    • Combination rake / tweezer bonsai tool
    • Polished stainless steel
    • Perfect for re-potting and maintenance work
    • 224mm Overall length
    • One of our best selling tools
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  2. Propagation Warming Pad

    • Bio Green soil warming pads are designed to raise soil temperatures by 5-10º Celsius.
    • No thermostat is necessary to use this unit.
    • When using electrical equipment outside or in the greenhouse always use an RCB (not supplied).
    • Overall pad size 30x60cm. 230v 32W.
    • Supplied with U.K & EU style plug.
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  3. Small Bonsai Soil Sieve & Interchangeable Screens

    • Small size interchangeable screen soil sieve
    • Polished stainless steel main frame
    • 1mm, 2mm and 6mm mesh screens
    • Superb quality Japanese made item.
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  4. Bonsai Repotting Fork Weeder

    • Chrome plated carbon steel with a nice lacquered hardwood handle
    • 192mm overall length
    • 74mm blade length.
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  5. Stainless Steel Japanese Hori-Hori - Japanese Garden Tools

    • Japanese gardening design Hori-Hori
    • Polished stainless steel with lacquered hardwood handle
    • 305mm Overall length
    • 175mm blade length
    • Includes nice vinyl belt holster
    • A beautiful quality tool and a great gift item for any gardener.
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  6. Bonsai Repotting Fork & Spatula

    • This long handled heavy duty rake is a great re-potting tool
    • 260mm overall length
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  7. Wooden Handle Bonsai Root Hook - Heavy Duty

    • Bonsai re-potting root hook
    • Hardwood handle
    • A top quality Bonsai tool
    • 225mm Overall length
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  8. Rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi For Bonsai Trees
    • Friendly mycorrhizal fungi for bonsai trees
    • Simply sprinkle amongst plant roots at repotting time
    • Contains natural U.K origin mycorrhizal fungi
    • Two handy pack sizes available
    • Brand new factory sealed (re-sealable) package supplied
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  9. Bonsai Bamboo Repotting Chopsticks - 10 Pack

    • Ideal for working soil out of or into fibourous roots of Bonsai Trees
    • A very handy for lots of workshop tasks
    • 5 pairs of bamboo chopsticks
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  10. Soil Sieve Set for Bonsai & Interchangeable Screens - 15"

    • 15" Polished stainless steel sieve set
    • Includes 3 different mesh screens
    • Approximate size 2.5mm, 5mm, 7mm
    • Super versatile top quality item made in Japan.
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  11. Steel Chopstick & Weeder Bonsai Tool

    • Steel chopstick & weeder
    • A really useful little tool
    • 180mm overall length
    • Carbon steel with a knurled grip
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  12. Small Bonsai Tree Repotting Rake

    • High quality Japanese three tine bonsai rake
    • 172mm overall length
    • Perfect for re-potting smaller bonsai trees
    • Colours may vary from the one pictured.
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  13. Rhizotonic Bonsai Root Growth Stimulant

    • Rhizotonic is applied as a root drench and also by spray to the foliage
    • It can be used after repotting to encourage rapid re-establishment
    • Also helps trees to overcome stress caused by over fertilizing, drought, wind or frost burn and root rot after winter
    • Boosts plants natural defences and increases resistance to pests and disease
    • Very economical 4ml per litre dilution rate
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  14. Combination Rake / Spatula - Stainless Steel Bonsai Tool

    • Brush finished heavy stainless steel
    • Great for repotting and mossing work
    • 256mm overall length
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  15. Bonsai Basics Re-Potting Root Hook

    • Bonsai Basics Re-Potting Root Hook
    • Heavy wire root hook with red vinyl handle
    • 215mm overall length
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  16. Root Pruning Shears Bonsai Tool

    • Heavy duty Bonsai shears designed for cutting into thick roots and heavy twigs
    • Very nice durable etched black finish
    • 180mm Overall length
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  17. Soil Sieve Set for Bonsai & Interchangeable Screens - 12"

    • Polished stainless steel sieve
    • Includes 3 different mesh screens
    • Approximate size 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm
    • Super versatile top quality item made in Japan.
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  18. Bonsai Soil Scoops - Nest of 3 Stainless Steel - Plain Back

    • Traditional pattern Japanese made
    • Stainless steel soil scoops in a nest of three sizes
    • Mirror polished stainless steel
    • 170mm x 50, 65 & 80mm Diameter
    • See also our Mesh Back Soil Scoops
    • See alos our Extra Large Soil Scoop
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  19. Soil pH Testing Kit

    • Correct soil pH is vital in our small bonsai pots
    • This test kit will help you establish the exact pH of your growing media
    • Great for evaluating new bonsai growing media too
    • Approx' 15 tests per pack
    • Includes full instruction booklet
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  20. Bonsai Soil Scoop Set - Set of Three Plastic Soil Scoops

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  21. Bonsai Potting Mesh Sheets

    • Bonsai Potting Mesh
    • Use to cover drainage holes in pots
    • Approximately 330x330mm square
    • Cut to size as required
    • £1.50 each or buy 4 for £5.00
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  22. Cling Film For Air Layering Bonsai 4" 100mm

    • 4" wide cling film for air layering
    • See our video below for details of using this product
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