Power Carving Bits - Small Shaft - 3mm & 1/8" For Dremel Style Machines

The tools listed in this category will fit power tools that accept small shafts in the 3mm to 1/8" (3.2mm) inch range.

These tools WILL NOT fit large power tools like the Makita GD0600 (without appropriate sized collet). To view our range of cutters suitable for large power tools see.

Power Carving Bits - Large Shaft - 6mm & 1/4" For Die Grinders

For detailed information on selecting and using power carving tools see  Graham's Guide to Selecting and Using Carving Tools

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  1. Thin Slitting Saw Disk Graining and Texturing Kit

    • A selection of ultra thin slitting saw blades that mount to a 3.2mm shaft
    • Perfect for creating fine surface details in wood
    • Create natural looking weathered grain effects
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  2. The Little Terrier DH™ The Ultimate Power Carving Tool For Hobby Rotary Machines
    • Turn your hobby tool into a wood eating monster!
    • Effortless power carving of all wood types, seasoned or green
    • Super smooth chip cutting action allows your work to take shape before your eyes
    • Fine grain carbide teeth cut like a hot knife through butter
    • Super smooth controllable cutting action allows safe working
    • CNC machined from UK produced tempered stainless steel in one piece
    • Cutting teeth can easily be rotated to present a new sharp edge
    • One size fits OEM Dremel machines. One size fits 99% of all generic hobby tools
    • Needs 10,000 RPM minimum speed. Max' speed 30,000 RPM
    • Terriers are supplied pre assembled ready for use
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  3. Saburrtooth® Wood Carving Burrs - 3.2mm Shaft - Fine Grade
    • Saburrtooth® Wood carving burrs - Fine grade
    • 100% Made in the USA
    • Effortless carving of a huge range of materials
    • Choice of shape options
    • 3.2mm - 1/8" Shank to fit Dremel and Hobby Tool type machines & Foredom
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  4. T-Kerf Bonsai Wood Carving Tools
    • Solid carbide carving burrs suitable for sculpting shaping and cleaning
    • Cuts most material from soft green wood to the hardest timber and even soft metals
    • Smooth controllable cutting action without grabbing
    • Leaves a beautiful clean surface with almost no need for additional finishing
    • Range of head sizes cut widths and shaft diameters
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  5. Diamond Sharpener for Weasels™
    • Diamond Sharpener for Weasels™
    • Three sizes available
    • Made in the U.K
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  6. Tungsten Carbide Rasp - Bonsai Carving Tools

    • Made from solid fine grain tungsten carbide
    • A very useful little rasp ideal for detail finishing work and blending tool marks left by larger cutting tools
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  7. Carbide Carving Burrs - 3 Piece Set

    • 3 Piece solid tungsten carbide burrs with double cut flute design
    • Includes 3 different patterns exactly as pictured
    • High quality carbide direct from the manufacturer
    • Versatile tools for detail shaping and texturing work
    • Fits all Dremel style hobby rotary power tools.
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  8. Pinnacle Tapered Detail Wood Carving Tool

    • Innovative detail carving bit
    • High tempered carbon HSS steel
    • 2 tapered flutes that draw chips out of the work
    • 3.2mm (1/8") shaft. 70mm overall length
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  9. Wood Carving Tools Organiser Tool Box - 3 Sizes
    • 8, 13 or 21 compartment small tools storage box
    • Removable internal compartments
    • Tough transparent lid
    • Will hold tools up to 110mm long and disks to 100mm
    • An excellent gift item, everybody can use one or two of these
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  10. Bonsai & Wood Carving Tools Hardened Steel Brushes
    • Bonsai & Wood Carving Tools Hardened Steel Brushes
    • 3.2mm (1/8") shafts
    • Available in 2 styles, cup brush or flat wheel
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  11. Drum Sanding Pack - Bonsai Carving Tools

    • Includes 5 x 1/2" x 1/2" sanding rolls & mandrel & 5 x 1/2" x 1/4" sanding rolls & mandrel
    • Maximum speed rating 28,000 RPM 
    • 3.2mm (1/8) inch mandrel shafts
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  12. Rotary Wire Brush Pack

    • Rotary Wire Brush Pack 
    • Three wire brushes suitable for running in our Hobby Tool and Dremel style machines
    • Includes one flat brush (20mm dia'), one cup brush (16mm dia') and one end brush (5mm dia')
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  13. 3.2mm Spiral Wood Carving Tool - Extra Length

    • By far our best small bonsai and wood carving cutting tool
    • Fits small carving machines like Dremel etc'
    • Solid fine grain carbide. 
    • 58mm overall length
    • 23mm flute length
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  14. Bonsai & Wood Carving Tool - Tungsten Carbide Detail Cutter

    • The best tool for carving detail into any wood
    • High grade solid silicone carbide 
    • One of the most useful all round carving tools
    • 50mm overall length 3.0mm diameter shaft
    • Suitable for rotary hobby tools and Dremel
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