Sakadama - Hard Fired Clay Bonsai Growing Media - 3-5mm

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Sakadama - Hard Fired Clay Bonsai Growing - Media - 3-5mm

Possibly the most exciting development in bonsai cultivation substrates since we introduced our unique soil mixes to the UK market over 10 years ago. That's our opinion for what it's worth.

Sakadama is a new fired clay product from South Africa.  It’s a substrate that offers ideal properties for growing bonsai, with exceptional physical and chemical properties.

Sakadama is made from Attapulgite, a high-quality mineral belonging to the group of the most absorbent clays. Characteristics include light weight, high porosity and a large surface area which are all enhanced by the Sakadama manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process consists of the material’s extraction, screening and heat treatment at 600ºC in a rotary oven. This process ensures that the particles retain their integrity and means the product will last for many years since it does not break down or compact easily. It’s also resistant to degradation due to adverse weather conditions, especially frost.

Heating at high temperatures also improves its absorption capacity for water and nutrients, providing an optimal capacity for cation exchange (nutrient holding) and water retention. These ideal qualities guarantee the growth of strong and healthy plants whilst possibly reducing the need for frequent watering.

The product is carefully graded and includes very little dust so can be used direct from the bag. Sakadama has a pale grey/white appearance when dry but takes on a very attractive pale brown when wet as shown in our images.

Sakadama can be mixed with other growing media of your choice. Our opinion is that it will perform best in UK conditions with the addition of chipped pine bark and a little Moler. Where it's desirable to add bulk without weight our Supalite will stretch the volume nicely. If you need to add a little weight to stop your bonsai falling over every time the wind blows add Lapillo to the mix.

Sakadama is packed in a nice printed heavy plastic bag as shown.

Pack size : 10Kg, +/- 14L volume

Medium grain size - Nominally 3-5mm*

Very little inherent nutriment, best used with an organic feeding regimen with a product like GREEN DREAM™ ORIGINAL - 100% ORGANIC FERTILISER

For more information on selecting using and mixing bonsai soil see our guide choosing soil for bonsai trees.

*Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged