Sabina Juniper Evergreen Yamadori Bonsai Material

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  • Beautiful Yamadori Sabina Juniper Bonsai Material
  • A compact and powerful juniper
  • Nice natural shari
  • Very well established, growing strongly
  • Superb dense foliage ready for styling

Sabina Juniper Evergreen Yamadori Bonsai Material
Sabina juniper is a fantastic variety common to many areas of southern Europe and is perfect for development as bonsai. However sabina is a very variable plant with dramatically different characteristics evident in plants from different locations and countries. Trees can vary from intensely tight foliage varieties displaying great vigour and rooting ability, sometimes called 'Thurifera', to pathetic weak varieties that seem to have lost the will to live. This has created a certain level of resistance to this fine juniper, particularly in the U.K where it is not readily available. Many people have been stung by ignorant suppliers offering very poor varieties of the tree that are often only recently collected and not well established. This bad practice has led some to believe that sabina is an unsuitable variety for the U.K. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE!

Kaizen Bonsai have 12 years experience with a myriad of sabina junipers from a great many locations across Europe. Over that time we have discovered how to pick out and cultivate the best and strongest forms of the plant as well as who we can trust to supply them.

All of our sabina junipers are collected responsibly by professionals with permission of BOTH the land owner and the local government departments responsible for the local environments.

Our trees have spent a minimum of two FULL growing seasons in their pots and even after that time we will not offer them for sale unless we are happy with the level of root development and growth rate.

Because sabina juniper tends to grow at altitude in the southern part of Europe it is exposed to less summer heat and a great deal more winter cold than may be expected. In fact most of the sabina we have spend their winter completely buried in deep snow, this is a significant factor in how the trees are shaped. Because the trees natural habit is at altitude in wild mountain regions the form of juniper we buy is PERFECTLY suited to living outside year around in all parts of the U.K. We have found that Sabina juniper grows better here than the more familiar Japanese varieties such a Sargentii, Kyushu and Itoigawa.

Sabina juniper like to be in an exposed position in full sun and exposure to wind year round. In summer only water when the soil begins to dry out on the surface, sabina hates to have wet feet. These junipers naturally colonise shallow soils and rock pockets and so thrive in a 'pot bound' condition. Therefore sabina juniper should only be re-potted very rarely, every 4-10 years in our experience, depending of course upon the soil type used, the size of the trees pot and it's growth rate. Only re-pot when the weather is warm. We have found potting in early June or mid-September (with winter protection) to be ideal. Use our No2 Bonsai Soil with the addition of 10-15% Medium Pumice added. Styling sabina is best done in early spring or through autumn so as not to reduce the advantage of a full, undisturbed growing season.

Because sabina grow naturally on thin dry soils keep the use of fertilizer to a minimum. Two applications of Green Dream Original per year is sufficient to keep the trees healthy.

See our movies detailing how to work sabina juniper .....

Bonsai Styling - Beautiful Yamadori Juniper by Graham Potter

Bonsai Tree Creation by Graham Potter

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Beautiful yamadori sabina juniper with old cracked deadwood, lots of twists and turns and masses of beautiful green foliage ready for it's first styling next summer. 

16" tall above it's pot. 22" wide overall.

Planted in a plastic nursery pot.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.