Ryuga Bonsai Grafting Tool

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  • Carbon steel blade grafting tool
  • Bamboo handle/sheath
  • 80mm blade length
  • We have honed the edge of this blade to an edge to shave with, TAKE CARE!
  • Not for sale to anyone under 18 years of age.
  • We may ask for proof of identification prior to despatch. 

Ryuga Bonsai Grafting Tool

Carbon steel shallow angle edge allows ultra clean cuts for fast healing and successful grafts. The blade is ground at a very shallow angle that means a minimum of flexing at the incision point which again aids wound recovery.

80mm blade mounted into a bamboo handle and sheath. 213mm overall length.

Unlike Japanese grafting knives that are supplied ready to use the blade of this tool comes from the factory in a rough machine ground state. Graham decided that this was not good enough and so using his 10 years of knife making experience took our stock and honed them all to a very intimidating razor's edge. Buy this knife from another supplier and you will have to do this yourself.

OVER 18 ONLY. Your order will be subject to age verification. You may be asked to confirm your age and provide proof prior to despatch.