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Rose Clear Ultra Systemic Fungicide and Pesticide for Bonsai

Rose Clear Ultra Systemic Fungicide and Pesticide for Bonsai

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  • Rose Clear Ultra Systemic Fungicide and Pesticide for Bonsai
Rose Clear Ultra Systemic Fungicide and Pesticide for Bonsai

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  • Rose Clear Ultra combined pesticide and fungicide

  • 100% effective against every bonsai P&D issue we have see over the last 4 years

  • Ideal as a preventative use product for all bonsai trees

  • 3 in 1 action remains active up to 4 weeks

  • We use this product and it WORKS!

  • 200ml concentrate makes 10L of spray which goes a long way



A new generation pest control product. We have used Rose Clear Ultra on our bonsai nursery for the last 4 years and in that time it has proven 100% effective on all pest and fungal problems both in a curative and preventative capacity. We carry dozens of species cultivated as bonsai trees and Rose Clear has worked perfectly on all of them. Scott's made an error in calling this product 'Rose Clear'. Many folk assume it's just for roses but in fact it's THE most effective product of it's type on the market in the UK today for use on ALL ornamental and garden plants. Whilst we do our best to use as little chemical as we can on the nursery sadly, sometimes, there is no choice and this is our 'go to' product every time.

In the past we have found Rose Clear to be entirely effective against the following common bonsai pest problems.

All crawling pests including black, green and white fly. All types of wooly aphids and mealy bugs, leaf minors, caterpillars, scale insects, red spider mite and all chewing insects including adult vine weevil.

Rose Clear has proven entirely effective against fungal problems including types of rust, powdery mildew (including oaks), sooty mildew, in fact every fungal problem we have seen has been controlled with Rose Clear.

In practice we have found that preventative spraying of bonsai every few weeks form early spring until mid summer has been 100% effective at eliminating infestations of every kind. Particularly where fungal problems occur, spraying once you see the problem is too late. We have used Rose Clear across the board on ALL species we carry including tender 'indoor' varieties although we have not used the product physically indoors.

At just 20ml per litre Rose Clear goes a long way and it has a powerful contact and systemic action that will protect your plant for over a month. Always spray plants after sunset when rain is not likely for maximum effect. 

We have found that adding a half dozen drops of Nitrozyme or Asco-Max to your sprayer will significantly improve the uptake of any product sprayed onto plant foliage.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions and safety advice when using chemicals.

Rose Clear Ultra 200ml concentrate.

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