Red Leaved Crab Apple Bonsai Tree

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  • Red Leaved Crab Apple Bonsai Tree
  • A very pretty little crab apple and SUPER rare purple foliage
  • Graham grew this tree form seed over the last 10 years

If you harvest a hundred seeds from any crab apple tree and plant them, assuming they all sprout about two will emerge with dark red/purple leaves. We have no idea what the resultant tree is called but a few years ago that's exactly what Graham did and this is the result. The trees foliage emerges a beautiful deep red colour before slowly turning to dark green in summer. The bark has a purple hue in the right light and when cut the wood has a slight pink/purple hue. Flowering increases as the trees mature and are a stunning cerise pink. In all other respects this is exactly like any other crab apple.

The crab apple just has to be one of the most popular flowering species in bonsai cultivation. Spectacular and reliable flowering (small pink/white delicately scented) and beautiful autumn fruit (red apples the size of marbles). Very hardy but appreciates a little protection from hot summer sun. In summer remove overly large leaves at any time. Fertilize from mid-summer with 0-10-10 Nitrogen free fertiliser. The winter image can be tidied up once the leaves have dropped but take care not to remove too many of the large fat buds, those make the flowers. Re-pot every 3-4 years in a good moisture holding compost like our No1 or Kaizen Bonsai No2 Bonsai Soil Mix. The species is fully frost hardy and needs no winter protection.

Graham has grow this from seed over the last 10 years. Room for improvement and futher development but with such a rare and unusual variety we think it's WELL worth the effort especially when it throws up flowers. It's unlikely anyone will put another down on the bench next to yours.

Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot.

16" tall above it's pot. 15" wide overall.

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