Rapeseed Natural Bonsai Fertiliser Pellets 1KG

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  • 100% organic fertiliser for all bonsai trees
  • Gradually dissolves into the soil releasing nutrients slowly over time
  • Typically lasts up to six weeks
  • Supplied in a resealable pouch and will keep indefinately if stored dry

100% organic and free of animal derivatives. Rapeseed pellets are THE traditional fertiliser for all bonsai used across Japan for generations. With an approximate analysis of N.5.3-P.4.0-K.1.0. Use from spring until early autumn. Place pellets at 3" intervals around your bonsai pots and every time you water a little fertiliser will be washed into the soil. Replace after six weeks. Highly recommended as an easy way to feed your bonsai and keep them healthy.

1Kg Resealable package. 

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