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Propagation Warming Pad

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  • Bio Green soil warming pads are designed to raise soil temperatures by 5-10º Celsius.
  • No thermostat is necessary to use this unit.
  • When using electrical equipment outside or in the greenhouse always use an RCB (not supplied).
  • Overall pad size 30x60cm. 230v 32W.
  • Supplied with U.K & EU style plug.

Warming pads are used to keep the rooting medium warm when taking cuttings, growing from seed or after re-potting bonsai trees. This high quality German made heating pads are 30cm by 60cm and are simply laid on a firm level surface, wood or polystyrene is ideal. Then simply place your plants, cuttings or seeds in trays or pots directly onto the matt. Gentle heat will then be steadily transfered into the growing medium. The matt is waterproof but should not be buried in soil.

Using bottom heat works wonders for propagation. Cuttings and seeds will strike up to 80x faster than without heat and the failure rate will be dramatically reduced. Coupled with supplemental lighting from one of our Lightwave units it is possible to propagate even hard to root species like itoiogawa juniper. When re-potting bonsai trees recovery can be dramatically improved by simply standing the tree on a heating matt once the work is completed for 7-10 days. In this way it is often possible to save weak or sickly trees that do not have enough strength to root properly on their own.