Premium Bonsai Compost - Shohin Soil Mix

Premium Bonsai Compost - Shohin Soil Mix

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  • Premium Bonsai Compost - Shohin Soil Mix
  • Appearance When Dry
Premium Bonsai Compost - Shohin Soil Mix

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  • Premium Bonsai Compost Shohin Mix

  • Tried and tested over many years

  • Used by hundreds of our customers for their small bonsai trees

  • Soil Mix for Bonsai trees growing in small pots

  • Meticulously hand graded for maximum performance

  • Retains it's structure for years on end

  • 100% frost proof

  • Available in 7L and 14L packages

  • Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

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Premium Bonsai Compost - Shohin Soil Mix 

Small bonsai pots offer a challenging environment in which to cultivate trees. Keeping enough moisture in such a small pot without water-logging the soil is a very difficult task. Our shohin bonsai mix achieves this admirably and also has a high cation exchange capacity (nutrient retention). A large amount of moisture is held within the soil particle, whilst excess water drains away. As the soil dries moisture is released from the soil's particles to be taken up by roots. We take a GREAT deal of care and time in preparing and grading this excellent and very special soil mix. The high performance ingredients are painstakingly graded by hand to ensure the ultimate quality and consistency that, ultimately, guarantee optimum results for all trees growing in small pots.

It has taken Graham thirty years to perfect our unique soil mixes. Please respect this effort and dedication and don't ask for the recipe.

For more in depth information regarding the selection of bonsai growing media see Choosing Soil For Bonsai Trees

Use directly from the bag as supplied. DO NOT sieve this product.

Suitable for all shohin bonsai trees growing in small pots both indoor and outdoor. Guaranteed frost proof, will keep it’s perfect consistency over many years.

pH 6.5 Approximately. 

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL KAIZEN BONSAI SOIL MIXES ARE PREPARED TO ORDER. During periods of high demand your delivery may be delayed for a short period. Please order in good time!

Soil colour may vary from the picture depending upon the moisture content at the time of production. All of our soil mixes incorporate some fines this should NOT be sieved out, doing so will impair the performance of the product. During shipping some settlement and separation will occur. Before use please ensure the soil is consistently mixed throughout.

SOIL PRODUCTS ARE SOLD BY VOLUME. This is to ensure you get what you pay for, this soil product cannot be sold by weight as the moisture level can vary significantly from time to time. 1 litre is approximately equivalent to a 4" cube. Litres and kilograms are entirely different measures. 14L WILL NOT weigh 14Kg. Some compaction may occur in shipping.

Soil products cannot be delivered outside the E.U.

Available in the following convenient size packs.

7 Litre perfect for re-potting several smaller bonsai.
14 Litre ideal size for re-potting larger numbers of shohin bonsai.

made in the UK bulldog

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