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Premium Bonsai Compost No2 -NEW FOR 2017


Quick Overview

  • Premium Bonsai Compost No2 - NEW FOR 2017

  • New Improved Formula, less fines & improved AFP

  • Good moisture retention general purpose mix

  • Perfect for broadleaf deciduous and indoor bonsai trees and junipers

  • Available in 7L, 14L and 50L

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Premium Bonsai Compost No2 -NEW FOR 2017

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  • Good colour change from wet to dry.



Recently reformulated, we have reduced the quantity of fine material in this mix but managed to retain most of the moisture retention capacity. This improves the AFP (Air filled porosity) which encourages stronger root development. The new mix has significantly improved structural integrity giving it a much longer pot life and allowing much more of the soil to be recovered from old re-potting waste in order to be re-used.

This mix contains a small percentage of larger bark particles. When using in smaller pots you may choose to remove these by seiving. The large particles make a great drainage layer. For larger pots use exactly as supplied. Once watered well the mix will bed in nicely and provide a superb substrate for the development of roots.

Kaizen Bonsai No2 Soil Mix - Good moisture retention general purpose mix. 

As close to a ‘universal’ bonsai soil mix as it is possible to get! The perfect blend of high performance aggregates and hand graded bark that combine to make an exceptional soil mix that will produce top results in a wide range of situations. Species that require a rich nutrient retentive but free draining soil will love this mix. A great medium for establishing collected trees and container grown bonsai stock plants. This mix achieves the difficult task of holding plenty of moisture whilst still allowing good air circulation around the roots. Over-watering is not really possible and yet the soil holds plenty of moisture and air to allow your plants to thrive. Use for large elms, beech, hawthorn, maples, myrtle, cryptomeria, bamboos, broad leaf shrub varieties like privet, crab apples and flowering trees, in fact, most species that require a moist well ventilated medium. We also recommend this mix for use with fine foliage juniper varieties like Itoiogawa, Kyushu and sabina. Use straight from the bag, do not sieve.

pH 6.5 Approximately. Weight 490g per litre.

Soil colour may vary from the picture depending upon the moisture content at the time of production. All of our soil mixes incorporate some fines, this should NOT be sieved out, doing so will impair the performance of the product. During shipping some settlement and separation will occur. Before use please ensure the soil is consistently mixed throughout.

SOIL PRODUCTS ARE SOLD BY VOLUME. This is to ensure you get what you pay for, this soil product cannot be sold by weight as the moisture level can vary significantly from time to time.

Soil products cannot be delivered outside the E.U.

Available in the following convenient size packs.

7 Litre perfect for re-potting one or two smaller bonsai.
14 Litre ideal size for re-potting larger bonsai.
50 Litre bulk sack for enthusiasts with a lot of bonsai to maintain.

made in the UK bulldog

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