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Pomegranate Flowering Bonsai Tree

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  • A nice little group planting of pomegranate
  • Grown from seed fifteen years ago
  • 12" tall above it's pot. 20" wide overall. 
  • Planted in a glazed China Mist pot

Pomegranate Flowering Bonsai Tree
Pomegranate is a very rewarding fast growing species that is entirely suitable to bonsai cultivation in the U.K and cooler climates. A beautiful deciduous tree with colourful small leaves that flower profusely throughout early summer. The tree is cold hardy to -
3-5 Celsius but we recommend some winter protection in an unheated greenhouse where possible, this helps the tree to grow much faster in the spring. When in active growth these plants need a lot of water and fertilizing should be regular and generous. Use a combination of Green Dream Bonsai Tree Fertiliser and Green Dream Ex Fish Fertilizer. Repot pomegranate every two years using out No2 Bonsai Soil Mix or Akadama Bonsai Soil. Flowering & fruiting will be dramatically improved if the tree is kept in a greenhouse over summer.

Taken in PX recently the owner has grown these little trees from seed 15 years ago. Great character and an attractive appearance as is. However this planting could easily be developed further. 

12" tall overall. 20" wide overall. 

Planted in a handmade glazed bonsai pot by China Mist.

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