Pistacia Evergreen Bonsai Tree

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  • A nice mature pistacia bonsai tree
  • Good quality bark texture
  • Nice twisty trunk shape
  • 13" high overall, excluding the pot. 12" wide overall
  • Planted in a nice glazed stoneware bonsai pot.

Pistacia Evergreen Bonsai Tree
Pistacia lentiscus is native throughout the Mediterranean region.
This evergreen shrub or small tree is perfectly suited to bonsai cultivation. We have found Pistachia to be frost hardy to at least -5 Celsius in the U.K. Providing the soil is kept dry. However we do recommend giving these plants a little winter protection in a cold greenhouse or under a roof to keep the worst winter wet and cold at bay. Alternatively Pistachia can be grown indoors in a very bright position that is relatively cool in winter. The plant is incredibly drought tolerant and in summer should be placed in an open sunny position. Re-potting is rarely required, maybe 3-5 year intervals. Unusually re-potting should be completed in summer when growth is in full swing. Wiring and pruning should also be limited to summer time. Use a good free draining long lived soil mix that should include a good proportion of horticultural pumice. Pistacia is otherwise a very simple and undemanding tree to grow as bonsai and is perfect for those with limited experience of Mediterranean species.

A superb quality pistacia with a great trunk, nice bark and branch structure.

13" high overall, excluding the pot. 12" wide overall.

Planted in a nice glazed stoneware bonsai pot.

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