Phillyrea Evergreen Yamadori Bonsai Material - TS4364

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  • Yamadori phillyrea bonsai from southern Italy
  • A unique and stunning bonsai tree
  • Phillyrea of this quality are EXTREMELY rare
  • 21" tall above it's bonsai pot. 28" wide overall. 17" diameter nebari
  • Planted in a high quality unglazed bonsai pot

Phillyrea Yamadori Bonsai Material

Phillyrea angustifolia is commonly know as false privet or false olive and is, obviously, a member of the olive family. If you were to cross an olive with a privet this is pretty much exactly what you would expect to see. We have been cultivating this species in the U.K for years now and have been mightily impressed with it.

We have found the tree remarkably resilient to British winters, in fact more so than either of it's close relatives. Last winter we saw -5 Celsius and at the end of a particularly gruelling winter phillyrea emerged looking better than any other in the nursery. In cultivation Phillyrea can be treated just like our common privet. The species seems to be entirely pest proof and will withstand a great deal of wind and sun exposure. The small stiff dark green leaves have serrated edges and shine beautifully in the sunlight. The tree can be wired with ease in summer and will very quickly hold the position set. It grows very quickly and will need pruning several times over the summer, as a result it develops into fine bonsai in a very short time. Re-pot every 3-5 years using a very free draining soil in summer. Like most Mediterranean species phillyrea should only be re- potted once active growth is in progress

Well established and with some basic styling completed this phillyrea has the potential to become a unique and stunning top quality bonsai tree. Some carving needs to be completed now and with a little wire this is going to be good! Phillyrea of this quality are EXTREMELY rare with it's massive trunk and incredible bark

21" tall above it's bonsai pot. 28" wide overall. 17" diameter nebari.

Planted in a high quality unglazed bonsai pot .

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.