Osteomeles - Hawaiian Hawthorn Flowering Shohin Bonsai Tree

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  • A beautiful little shohin bonsai just in from Japan
  • Small leaf and beautiful white flowers
  • A rare and unusual variety in bonsai cultivation
  • Planted in a handmade glazed bonsai pot

 Osteomeles - Hawaiian Hawthorn Flowering Shohin Bonsai Tree

Something new to us here at KB. This beautiful little variety is called Osteomeles anthyllidifoli and is a member of the Rose family. This grows as a small creeping shrub and is native to eastern Asia, Hawaii and many Pacific islands. These plants are known to grow on coastal cliffs, open lava fields, dry shrub land and in dry to mesic forests from near sea level to over 7,600 feet. Overall a tough little plant. Deciduous, osteomelese has delightful shiny green compound leaves and will carry small white, rose like, lightly scented flowers in summer.

Frost hardy in all but the coldest regions of the UK, osteomelese should be grown in full sun and an exposed site all year around. Ideally protect from excess winter wet with an overhead cover. Water very well in summer. Needs only minimal amounts of fertiliser. 

Re-pot in spring every 2-3 years as growth begins in using a mix of Akadama and Lapillo.

Planted in a handmade glazed Japanese stoneware bonsai pot.

6" high from the top of it's bonsai pot. 8" wide overall.

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