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Mulberry Flowering Bonsai Tree


Quick Overview

  • A beautiful chunky mulberry that has all the basics in place

  • A lovely tree that can easily be refined and improved with time

  • 17" tall above it's bonsai pot. 16" wide overall. 3.5" diameter nebari

  • Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot

Mulberry Flowering Bonsai Tree

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Mulberry Flowering Bonsai Tree
Morus Nigra - Black mulberry

A relative rarity in bonsai cultivation mulberry is a very simple tree to care for and should be treated much like a trident maple. It is frost hardy in all but the coldest parts of the U.K and appreciates regular watering and fertilizing in summer. Re-pot every 2-4 years depending upon growth rate. Flowering and fruiting performance will be improved if the tree is kept pot bound. Protecting the tree from the worst of winter wet will ensure a vigorous start in spring.

A beautiful chunky mulberry with a big  curvy trunk. Early days but this will develop into a nice bonsai tree with a littel effort.

17" tall above it's bonsai pot. 16" wide overall. 3.5" diameter nebari.

Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot.

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