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Moler Medium Grain (Biozorb/Terramol/Danish Pink/Sophisticat) Bonsai Soil


Quick Overview

  • Medium Grain Moler Bonsai Soil

  • Biosorb - Ultrazorb - Danish Pink are all aliases of this wonderful product

  • 3-8mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range

  • Guaranteed safe for horticultural use (unlike some cat litter products)

  • Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

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Moler/Terramol Biozorb Bonsai Soil

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  • Moler/Terramol Biozorb Bonsai Soil


Moler Medium Grain (Biozorb/Terramol/Danish Pink) Bonsai Soil

Known by a huge variety of names and branded in lots of different ways, Biosorb - Ultrazorb - Danish Pink - Terramol - Sophisticat - Sanicat are all aliases of this wonderful product. Our product is certified by the factory to be safe for use in horticulture and aquaculture (many cat litter products are not). This calcined hard clay product holds a staggering amount of moisture whilst still allowing good air circulation within the pot. MOLER can be sieved out of old soil and re-used time and again. Used in place of grit it promotes drainage, retains moisture, is warm, light weight and frost proof. and most importantly holds onto nutrients from fertiliser. No sieving required so no waste.

A fantastic addition to your soil mix, really allows bonsai soil to breath.

Moler should be mixed with other products to produce a viable growing media for bonsai. Used alone the pH of the product is unsuitable for promoting good plant health and growth.

3-8mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range.

Occasionally this product may have a perfumed smell, this is perfctly safe for all plants and will disappear at the first watering.

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