Ming Aralia Indoor Bonsai Tree

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  • Ming Aralia Indoor Bonsai Tree
  • Very rare indoor bonsai variety.
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Ming Aralia Indoor Bonsai Tree
Polyscias or Ming Aralia bonsai. 

The only example of it's type we have seen in 30 years. Polyscias roble, often called Ming aralia, perfectly suited to training as bonsai indoor even in relatively low light conditions. Often grown as large house plants this variety can easily be trained into bonsai by regular pruning and are exceptionally easy to care for in a modern home. 

The cultural needs of polyscias are minimal. A moisture retentive soil should be used. Little fertilizer is required; a regular dose of a high-nitrate formula once a month is ample. Roots are fine and do not spread far, so it is not a good idea to over-pot, a deep style of bonsai pot is ideal. Neglect of watering will cause the loss of leaves, but the plants can stand some drought without permanent damage and grow new leaves very quickly. On the other hand, they will not tolerate wet feet for long. These are tropical plants, and although they remain unharmed at high temperatures, they do best in an environment with a minimum of 60 degrees F (15+ Celsius). They will endure cold down to 40 degrees F (5+ Celsius) but for only a very short time. Heavy pruning of foliage is best done in summer.

14" tall above it's pot. 12" wide overall. 3" diameter trunk base.

Glazed stoneware bonsai pot as shown.

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